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Our process is simple; You the buyer are shopping for a car, you contact us, we then begin providing you the keys to your dreams. With our many years of relationships with new vehicle dealers, wholesale companies, auctions, banks, and finance companies. We provide white glove service of the entire transaction from start to delivery of your vehicle to your home.  C M Motors LC  provides a convenient and stress free experience for buyers. You the buyer who demands time, service and expects the best representation they can have throughout the entire transaction.

Buying or leasing a car has never been more simplistic. C M Motors LC, will become your auto negotiation and delivery service that protects your best interests by acting as your agent in vehicle procurement. You will benefit from manufacturer fleet pricing, no dealer fees, and receive the best program rates incentives available. This translates into thousands in savings, eliminates virtual endless negotiating with a salesman, and the luxury of never having to enter a dealership!


  • We have a car you can afford
  • We have a targeted list of used cars
  • C M Motors LC offers a quick way to compare
  • Locate Used Cars for Sale in Your Area
  • Check the Vehicle History Report
  • Test-driving a used car is the best way
  • Have the Car Inspected by a independent mechanic

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Our Detailed Services

7 Things to Never Buy New

Auto experts say the second you drive a brand new car off the lot it loses roughly 11% of its value. And it continues to depreciate between 15% and 25% each year for the first five years. For a better value, opt for a certified pre-owned vehicle. More here…

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide provide our clients with a high level of customer service never before expected in the automotive industry, as we may become your trusted consultant for all your automotive needs..


C M Motors LC is dedicated to representing our client’s best interest throughout the entire vehicle buying process. Tell us what you are looking for new or used, and we go to work on your behalf.


We do the research, locate, inspect the vehicle, take care of the negotiations, saving you time and money.  As an Auto Broker we are unique in that we can provide car-buying services for people in the market for both New or Used Vehicles.

Fully Licensed

For individuals seeking a quality pre-owned vehicle, C M Motors LC  is a fully licensed, bonded and insured automobile dealership with all the rights and privileges granted by the Arizona Department of Motors Vehicles.

Our Benefits

The benefit as an auto broker, we have an unlimited inventory—we don’t acquire a car unless we have a customer request for it. Unlimited inventory means lower overhead which results in lower prices for our customers.


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