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Whether you buy or lease your next vehicle, we can save you countless hours and several thousands of dollars. We offer you the ability to purchase or lease cars, trucks, vans and suv’s. We promote the hassle of not venturing to a car dealer receiving the sales run around and spending several

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Hours negotiating, or the reality, HAGGLING. With just one call, our several years of professional experience eliminate the frustrations and provide you exactly what YOU request. We deliver a   pain- free car buying leasing experience. Call us today! and experience how “we provide the keys to your dreams.”

Race Ready


We’ll find you the right vehicle, at the right price!
We are with you from your first inquiry, until you take delivery of your vehicle. Simply tell us the vehicle and options you desire, and we start working to find you the best price that exists, bar none.

Shopping for a car?

Our free shopping engine analyzes our car listings to give you instant guidance on the best deals. We invite you to contact us of any car you’re interested in, and we give you information you can use in your choice.

Listing a car?

For private sellers, we offer a listing tool that helps you determine the right price at which to sell your car. If you’re a dealer wishing to list your inventory at our site, we can help you drive qualified, local car shoppers to your stores. Contact us at to learn more about uploading your inventory to us.

Researching cars?

Our user community shares everything from car and dealer reviews to guidance on car maintenance and troubleshooting and answers to under-the-hood questions. If you are looking for real-world insights and information from fellow car shoppers and fans, you’ll find it at Cmmotors.

Sharing information?

The experiences and expertise shared by users is what drives our site. If you have opinions about the car you drive or the dealer you bought it from, We want to hear from you. CMMotors has a deep heritage in online communities.


Buying or leasing a car has never been more simplistic. C M Motors LC, will become your auto negotiation and delivery service that protects your best interests by acting as your agent in vehicle procurement. You will benefit from manufacturer fleet pricing, no dealer fees, and receive the best program rates incentives available. This translates into thousands in savings, eliminates virtual endless negotiating with a salesman, and the luxury of never having to enter a dealership! Our goal is to provide provide our clients with a level of customer service never before expected in the automotive industry, as we become your trusted consultant for all your automotive needs. C M Motors LC is dedicated to representing our client’s best interest throughout the entire vehicle buying process. Tell us what you are looking for new or used, and we go to work on your behalf.



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